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We take pride in being the trusted partner of choice for leading organizations across the globe. With a unique blend of data expertise and software craftsmanship, we are dedicated to empowering ambitious enterprises and driving their success.

About Us

We are a Data Analytics & Software Development Company

At Statsspeak, we uphold a set of core values that define our approach to data analytics and software development. These principles guide our actions, decisions, and interactions, ensuring that we provide exceptional service and solutions.

Our Core-Values

Client-Centric Approach
Data-Driven Excellence
Team Collaboration
Integrity and Accountability
Continuous Learning and Adaptation
Why Choose Us

We stand out as a beacon of analytics & innovation

Our commitment to solving your challenges, enhancing your business, and delivering tailored solutions is the cornerstone of our approach. Our expertise, dedication, and proven track record make us the ideal choice for those who demand the very best.

Enterprise Scale

Our future proof and scalable system architecture allows you to scale infinitely and connect you to as many data sources as required to move any data volume

Pre-built projects

We have pre-built integrations for all popular cloud apps and data sources.

Choose Where Your Data Resides

You have an option to choose where you want your data to be hosted: on the cloud, on premise or in our fully managed eneterprise data warerhouse

Predictive Analysis

We take security of your data security seriously and take every step to ensure your data is protected frpm unauthorized access

What we do

Our Services

Data Strategy

We step in, understand your business and help you develop a long term plan that defines the technology, processes, people and rules required to manage your organisation's information assets allowing you to leverage data both offensively and defensively.

Software Architecture & Design

We help you define your software system's overall structure and design. This includes designing components, interfaces and data to meet your business and technical needs whileoptimizing for qualities like scalability, security and maintainability.

Data Engineering

We help you build scalable and secure systems that enables you to collect and use data with little or no human intervention. We also help you integrate effortlessly with your modern data stack to ejoy full data granularity

DevOps & Cloud Engineering

We help you automate processes between software development and IT teams to build, test and release software faster and more reliably. We leverage cloud platforms and services to design software systems that can efficiently scale on demand. We build tools and frameworks to support continuos delivery, infrastructure as code amd monitoring.

Data Science & Analytics

We help you understand your data to extract meaningful insights for business decision making and extrapolate to understand future dynamics.

Software Development

We build high-quality, scalable and secure software applications and systems. We implement solutions in various programming languages and frameworks based on your architecture and requiremnents. We follow best practices for coding, testing, deployment and maintenance.

Our Team

Meet Our Experienced Team Members

Our team members are more than just experts; they are passionate problem solvers, data enthusiasts, and software wizards dedicated to bringing your ideas to life. Get to know the individuals who drive our success, and explore the diverse skills and backgrounds they bring to the table. At Statsspeak, it's our team's collective expertise and unwavering commitment that make the extraordinary possible.

Case Study

Our case studies are more than just success stories...

They're a testament to our ability to tackle complex challenges, leverage data-driven insights, and craft innovative solutions.

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